Why use electronic signatures?

Why use electronic signatures?

November 18, 2021

A digital signature is a signature only in its name. A digital signature can hold unique identifiers specific to the person signing. In other words, the sender’s or the owner’s identity can be verified based on the data saved in the document. Authentication can ensure the document or the message has not been modified during delivery.

Thanks to the digital signature:

  • the identity of the signatory of a document becomes identifiable;
  • the integrity of a document can be verified;
  • documents and messages can be encrypted.

Electronic signatures are now commonly used for transactions and in any field of administration, especially since most of the documents are typically produced in electronic form today.

Digital authentication of documents can exempt us from printing, signing documents manually, mailing, or keeping them in several copies, which requires time and cost.

What are the benefits of using an e-signature?

  • It is simple and secure.
  • Using e-signatures removes the paper process and reduces operational costs.
  • The fast, even immediate delivery of certified documents sent electronically shortens the time spent on administration.
  • All communications and signed documents can be digitally recorded and stored in an easy-to-search form.
  • E-signatures are legally accepted in all EU Member States, and in most countries in general.


Photo by Daniel Fazio on Unsplash