An independent e-signature validation module compatible with Erasmus Without Paper

Accuracy and security in university digital procedures

ESVA – eSignature Validator for Academics


ESVA project aims to develop an independent signature verification module, able to be integrated with any Erasmus Without Paper node, supporting European higher education institutions and student service providers on the exchange and verification of trustable documents and data through the EWP network.

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ESVA will contribute to an effective and reliable system to identify key dimensions of signatures, attesting therefore the authenticity and roles of the persons who signed for specific matters. It will allow accuracy and security in university procedures, while reduce bureaucracy and the time consumed under manual procedures of verification.

The eSignature Validation software package will analyse if a certain e-signature is valid, qualified or not, and collect any existing attributes that may be available to collect.

The integration of the eSignature Validation Module with the Erasmus Without Paper network will admit the validation of the attributes received from the eSignature Validation Package against the EWP API’s, to assign a level of trust to the signature of the signed document. Such EWP attributes validation will allow the contextualisation of a digitally signed document, adding a background to it, and making possible to identify with high precision the owner of the analysed digital signature.

All the software developed will be open source and made available in an accessible and structured format to the community.


Leaders of Higher Education Institutions

Complete and secure digitisation of institutional procedures by using eSignature validation


Administrative Staff

Verify the authenticity of the documents you work with in an easy way and forget about time-consuming manual procedures



Validated e-signatures enhance trust international cooperation is based on



Just a few clicks instead of unwieldly administration to make it simple and secure


Final Webinar: All About how ESVA Works

Final Webinar: All About how ESVA Works

The participants of the ESVA final webinar learned all the details about how the ESVA module works and how it can be used to validate electronic signatures in EWP. The recording of the webinar can be re-watched.

ESVA Final Webinar: How to Validate e-Signatures in EWP?

ESVA Final Webinar: How to Validate e-Signatures in EWP?

How can you make the exchange of electronically signed documents in EWP more secure? How can their authenticity be easily verified? Join the ESVA final webinar on the 29th of November and learn all about this EWP-compatible validation module.



Codes and guidelines

All the software developed are open source and available in an accessible and structured format to the community.

eSignature validation materials

Guidelines for eSignature and the validation procedure


eSignature Validation software package

Download from the EWP Repository


Guide: How to use the Validator?

Timeline infographic


University of Porto

DigitalSign – Certificadora Digital SA

Mendel University in Brno

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

European University Foundation

Technical support